3 Interior Design Questions Explained

Dec 22, 2020

Commercial interior design is a crucial piece of every project, but the role of an interior designer is often misunderstood. To help shine a light on the profession, here are three common questions about interior design–answered by your friends at HagerSmith Design.


What exactly does an interior designer do?

The work of an interior designer varies with each project, but the design process always has the same set of steps. We begin by working with you to understand the goals for your project and then creating a space plan that accomplishes those goals. Once a layout for the space is established, we layer on the design details: drawing up elevations for cabinetry and feature walls, creating ceiling plans, and selecting finishes. Then, we walk you through the decision-making process to ensure that each detail from the light fixtures to the flooring material is the best choice for your function, branding, and budget. Next, we will put all of those details into construction documents coordinating with the architect and engineers to ensure the design is in compliance with building codes and has the infrastructure to meet your needs. The final step before construction can begin is getting a building permit. We will complete the necessary paperwork with the city and submit the drawings for review so that your General Contractor can begin work. Throughout the construction process, we will review shop drawings and finish submittals, check in on progress at the site, and work with the GC to ensure that your vision for the space is delivered exactly as it was designed!

For more details, check out our blog post “What is Commercial Interior Design?



How can an interior designer help me?

An interior designer is sort of like a wedding planner for your project. We walk you through the process of making selections and creating a space that is uniquely designed to fit your needs. We are familiar with a plethora of vendors and can help you find the perfect material you might not even know existed! We often function as a project manager coordinating with the architect, engineers, furniture dealers, and any other specialty consultants. There are many disciplines that come together on a building project, and we help make sure that your coffee maker is in the right location and has an outlet and waterline running to it. Oh, and that the counter it sits on is BEAUTIFUL!



Is it worth getting an interior designer?

YES. Commercial design is a nuanced field–a designer thinks practically about how the space flows, that all the crucial elements are accounted for, and that it complies with building codes. We are also creative, taking a practical layout and developing it into an inspiring space that fits your company’s brand. We have a wealth of knowledge about building products and the qualities that make them ideal for each type of space. We apply each of these elements to your specific requirements to create a space that you are excited to work in. The real question is, how can you afford not to hire us?


It is no question that commercial interior design is a crucial part of your building process. The good news is, our professional and highly experienced interior designers will guide you through every step of your project when you work with HagerSmith Design. Contact us today to get started!

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