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The Surprising Impact of Overhead Lighting in the Workplace

When clients begin the process of designing new workspaces, aesthetic choices in flooring, wall coverings and furniture styles are all key decisions…

Designing for the Industrial Spec Building Boom

The Triangle was ranked as the fourth fastest-growing U.S. metropolitan area in 2022 by the Kenan Institute’s American Growth project, an unsurprising…

What to Know Before Hiring an Interior Designer

So, you are starting your commercial project, and need a little help? Bringing a commercial interior designer on board is a great first step into making…

Your Ideas, Our Expertise, Personalized Design

Our design process begins and ends with your vision in mind. We aim to be a part of your team and someone you want to work with every day. We empower and inform you throughout the process, working alongside you to customize every detail.

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