Commercial Interior Design: Industry Highlights

Dec 18, 2020

Interior Design is a field that creates a unique experience for every built environment.  Whether you’re walking into a coffee shop or a law office, each element of the space from the shape of the countertop to the flooring material has been thoughtfully chosen to create a desired effect.  At HagerSmith Design, commercial interiors are one of our specialties.  We work with clients across a variety of industries to create aesthetic and functional spaces tailored to their unique brand and goals.  This diversity of design is showcased in the following three projects from our portfolio.

Interior Design in small Corporate Offices

A majority of HSD’s projects fall under the corporate office category, but the variety within office design is immense.  Each company is different, with its own values, culture, and brand, which is reflected in the design and layout of the space.  From large to small, each project has a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  For our work with VF Corporation, we created a small, stylish office to attract and retain young talent.

We had the pleasure of working with VF Corporation in 2018. The worldwide apparel and footwear company came to HagerSmith Design to build a small, impactful office on Centennial Campus at NC State University. The goal of the office is to attract future NC State graduates as potential employees with companies under VF’s umbrella (such as Vans, North Face, and Timberland to name a few). This clean and open aesthetic mirrored the company’s focus on collaboration and well-being.  Learn more about our work with VF Corporation here.

Interior Design in Retail Stores

Retail design is a widely ranging category encompassing everything from grocery stores to small boutiques. Retail projects provide us with a great opportunity for creativity as we hone in on the brand and experience that makes each store unique.  For Marta’s Boutique, the design challenge was to create a luxe shopping destination for women of all ages.

Marta’s Boutique, a high-end women’s retailer located in North Hills shopping center, came to HagerSmith with the request for a clean and polished atmosphere that allows the merchandise to take center stage. To accomplish this look, we designed floating display cases for clothes and accessories and worked with a lighting consultant to create consistent luminosity throughout the store. Learn more about the Marta’s Boutique project here.

Interior Design in large Corporate Offices

Last, but certainly not least, is the large corporate office realm of interior design. Large office buildings can be some of the most rewarding projects in the interior design world. Every building serves a different purpose and speaks to a distinct audience. These are often the largest projects we take on and the 115,000 SF Grifols’ E750 Office Building in Clayton, NC is no exception.

When Grifols outgrew their existing office space and decided to consolidate their office workers into one location, they asked HagerSmith to design a new building that would accomplish their goals. The resulting 3-story office building at the entrance to the company’s campus is an architectural showpiece that reflects Grifol’s European aesthetic.  The interior design carries this same aesthetic inside creating a professional, sleek, and modern vibe.  Learn more about this project here.

These three projects highlight just a few types of interior design projects we tackle at HagerSmith. Check out some of our other interior design projects here.

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