What to Know Before Hiring an Interior Designer

Feb 2, 2021

So, you are starting your commercial project, and need a little help? Bringing a commercial interior designer on board is a great first step into making your vision come to life, but what should you know before hiring the perfect designer? Here are a few things for you to keep in mind:

1. Why you should hire an interior designer

Building out a new space, or even just a renovation, can be very stressful for anyone who does not do it on a regular basis.  The work of an interior designer is to bring in design expertise, connections, and professional experience, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We prioritize learning your vision and keeping it at the forefront of our minds with every decision we make. On day one, we help you create specific quantitative and qualitative goals–with functionality, safety, practicality, and style in mind– to meet that vision as best as possible. Interior designers also help navigate the “unsexy” aspects of a job, such as building and accessibility codes, and functionality that most people do not consider. They have a wealth of knowledge and resources in design, materials, and construction to create a space that is both beautiful and functional so that the process can be as stress-free as possible for you. You already have a lot to deal with in terms of moving spaces, starting a new business, or figuring out logistics if it is an in-place renovation. To further help the process, designers can also suggest other vendors that you may need throughout the process, such as signage, AV, and furniture.


2. Have a general idea of your overall vision for the project.

Knowing your design intentions helps both the designer and you move smoothly through the design process to create a space you truly love.  There are many different directions a space can go, so it is important to know how your identity, and how you want others, whether employees or guests, to feel while they are within the space. You do not need to have the design fully fleshed out, but knowing schemes, general functionality, and atmospheric mood gives designers a starting point to start gathering inspirations, finishes, and general space planning. You don’t want your designer to only pull very contemporary finishes and images if what you really want is a cozy, traditional space. But don’t be scared if you don’t have a set vision, interior designers can certainly help you navigate this during the design process. Consider your brand and what you want people to feel when they land on your website or speak to someone in your company. This should be consistent with the purpose of your physical commercial space, and is a great place to start!


3. Know your budget

It is very easy to find spaces that you like and elements that you want to incorporate into your space, however, will implementing those exact elements break the bank? Interior designers can give you the moon with an unlimited budget, but let’s be honest, that is pretty hard to come by. Knowing what your budget helps keep a realistic point of view and allows the designers to creatively incorporate things you love without emptying your wallet. When budgeting, make sure to include any fees for the designers and engineers, furniture, construction, permit and inspection, and any other vendors that may come into play. Budgeting your project can seem overwhelming, but once you dive into it, it can be exciting and even stress-relieving!


Being prepared for the process and knowing why you’re taking this next step in your project is the key to kicking off an easy, fun, and successful project. Our professional and highly experienced interior designers at HagerSmith are here for you when you’re ready! Contact us today to get started.

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