Raleigh, NC

Date Completed


Square Footage

19,000 SF

Service Provided

Interior Design

Space Planning through CA

CarSpace’s founders were inspired by their love of supercars to create an environment that brought “cars and coffee” meetups inside, existing alongside coworking spaces where fellow auto aficionados could combine work and play. The result was a multi-faceted interior where individual offices, coworking spaces, and meeting rooms merge into a showroom that seamlessly flows into an open bar and catering area featuring golf and racing simulators.

HagerSmith Interior Designers infused the “work” side of CarSpace with midcentury modern furniture and open concepts that complimented the building’s half-industrial layout. Light wood details and walls provide an airy contrast against dark ceilings and overhead lighting in the common areas, and plush side seating and smaller tables offer spots for one-on-one conversations. Flexible spaces were incorporated to allow for multiple furniture layouts, and different-sized offices and hot desk locations were designed to host both executives and the everyday employee.

Offices and work areas blend smoothly into the double well cocktail bar and lounge, where dark emerald walls and gold tones evoke Art Deco glitz. An open floor plan allows for cozy corner tables and bar seating to be easily rearranged for club meetings, parties, and private receptions. A catering kitchen and cigar room round out the space’s ability to host both small gatherings and large galas.

Automobile owners and exhibitors can easily drive in and park cars in the interior gallery through a glass panel garage door in the rear of the building. The gallery can host up to ten cars at once and will be featuring a rotating fleet of historic and rare museum-quality vehicles for members and guests to appreciate up close.

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