Grifols E750 Office Building

LEED Certified


Clayton, NC

Date Completed

May 2017

Square Footage

115,000 SF

Service Provided


Interior Design

Landscape Architecture

Grifols partnered with HagerSmith in 2015 to design a new office building located in the heart of their Clayton, NC, campus. Working closely with Grifols, the HagerSmith team designed a sleek, modern office building clad in high-performance glass and metal panels.

As the new “face” of the Clayton location, the boomerang shape of the building complements the main gate and street frontage of Grifols’ campus. It also serves a pedestrian corridor that leads employees to the main plaza north of the cul-de-sac.

The interior of the building features a three-story atrium, an executive area with a connecting outdoor patio, open office space and active shading and glare control through sensor-automated roller shades.

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