Sharing Our 10 Year Relationship With ACE

May 31, 2017

Who is ACE?

ACE Mentor Program

ACE, (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) is a non-profit organization that began in 2002. It all started when local firms gathered together to teach students about design, construction, engineering, and more.

The nationwide mentor program, which now consists of over 8,000 students, is designed to introduce kids to a wide range of career opportunities in related areas of building design and construction.


HagerSmith’s Involvement

ACE Mentor Program

HagerSmith Design PA has been involved with ACE for over the past 10 years. Tony Conner, President and Architect, has been both a charter board member and mentor since they started working together in 2007.  He remained on the board for about 3 years until he decided to focus strictly on being a mentor.

Additionally, HagerSmith hosted a student team at their office for about 6 years. They have found their experience to be extremely rewarding.

“Getting the chance to see students become passionate about the field I work in is very exciting. The ability to teach them new things and help guide them in reaching their career goals is a great feeling. It’s a great program to be a part of.” – Tony Conner


ACE’s Focus on a New Generation

ACE puts it perfectly, “Who better to inspire a new generation of young people in an industry, than the professionals currently shaping it?”

Rather than simply reading about the industry, students get to work directly with professionals from the industry’s leading area firms. Together they design hypothetical projects, tour construction sites, and visit industry-related offices.

At the end of the program, they present their work to family, friends, professionals, etc. As an added bonus, students are able to form positive relationships with industry professionals, who become a great reference and guide throughout their career.



Since we are passionate about ACE, and grateful for the time we’ve spent working with the non-profit, we had to share. Education and networking are two very important things that aid in a successful career. By working with a non-profit like ACE, you get both.

Questions regarding ACE? Contact Tony Conner, at or visit  for more info.

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